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Ravishing and romantic, this sleek black necklace set has an opulent vintage vibe with its antique gold finish. The necklace, pendant, and drop earrings create a coordinated effect.

The 18-inch necklace catches the eye with twisted links of matte black hematite beads that absorb the light for a rich velvety effect. The lobster clasp closure has a dome ornament with the same classic antique gold finish as the chain and setting.

From the center of the necklace hangs a black hematite pendant wrapped in delicate golden filigree. This stunning open style metalwork surrounds the pendant in an ornate design reminiscent of Victorian style.

To complete the heirloom-inspired set are black hematite teardrop earrings suspended from intricate antique gold plated wires and fittings. The fascinating carved lines and whorls contrast beautifully with the smooth hematite teardrops.

Black Necklace Set - Antique Gold

SKU: WSMJ04122023059
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