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Brown with golden Strip Khussa

This rich, earthy khussa exudes warmth and understated elegance. The uppers are crafted from luxurious chocolate brown velvet, providing a sumptuous backdrop for the intricate golden embroidery.

Shimmering metallic threads in radiant golden hues adorn the velvet in horizontal striped patterns. Using ancient aari embroidery techniques, skilled artisans have meticulously rendered traditional motifs like floral vines, paisley designs, and jaali latticework within each shining striped band.

The golden embroidery has an ornate, dimensional quality with layered stitches creating raised textures that catch the light beautifully. The radiant metallic stripes seem to glow against the plush brown velvet canvas.

Brown with golden Strip Khussa

SKU: WSMFW10032024015
£20.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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