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Epitomizing royal grandeur, this exquisite Casting Mala Polki necklace is a sight to behold. The broad choker-style necklace is studded with brilliant imitation polki diamonds that reflect light gloriously.

Encasing the neck like a gleaming armor are three rows of sparkling diamond-cut zircons in pristine clears. The middle trajectory features smaller polki diamonds in marquise and navette shapes for added glam.

Crafted in oxidized silver, the necklace base lends contrast to the crystalline stones while intricate patterns and cutwork add old-world charm. From geometric shapes to floral vines, the silver motifs frame the polkis for maximum dazzle.

The showstopper element lies in the hexagonal pendant, set with checkerboard polkis that resemble the famed Golconda diamonds. Surrounded by a halo of tiny zircons, this statement necklace carries regal extravagance.


SKU: WSMJ04122023043
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