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Add a touch of royalty to your festive looks with this gorgeous gold-plated rani haar necklace. Drawing inspiration from traditional Indian jewelry, this striking necklace makes a stunning statement. It features an ornate gold-toned bib designed in a signature rani haar style. Intricately carved with regal flair, the bib boasts an array of formations including oval and teardrop shapes as well as etched floral and paisley motifs for an air of refinement and nobility. From the bib cascades an assemblage of hanging coin beads and chain links that sway with a sense of splendor and nobility. Additional lightweightCoin chains connect from the bib to the traditional clasp in back. This rani haar necklace makes a dramatic addition to your ensemble for weddings, cultural events, festivals like Navratri or Diwali, or whenever you fancy feeling like nobility. Express your inner majesty by pairing rich fabrics like silk or chiffon with this 22K gold electroplated regal rani haar.

Enchanting Gold-Plated Rani Haar

SKU: WSMJ04122023080
£40.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
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