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Golden Embrioded With Beads Khussa

This exquisite khussa is a vision of unparalleled luxury and ornate craftsmanship. The uppers are fashioned from the finest golden silk, shimmering with an almost metallic luster.

Adorning the luminous silk is intricate embroidery rendered entirely in radiant golden threads and thousands of tiny golden beads. Using the ancient zardozi technique, master artisans have spent countless hours meticulously embroidering traditional motifs like delicate floral vines, stylized paisley patterns, and architectural latticework inspired by Mughal monuments.

The golden embroidery has an incredible three-dimensional, sculpted quality with dense layers of raised stitches creating undulating textures that catch the light magnificently. The myriad golden beads are densely sewn into the designs, amplifying the dazzling effect with their brilliant shimmer.

Golden Embrioded With Beads Khussa

SKU: WSMFW10032024016
£20.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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