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Golden Khussa With Beads

This elegant khussa is a true vision of opulence and craftsmanship. The upper part of the shoe is fashioned from the finest golden silk brocade, shimmering with intricate floral patterns woven into the rich fabric. The toe is gently curved and tapered to a point, typical of the khussa's timeless design.

What makes this pair truly extraordinary are the lavish embellishments adorning the uppers. Thousands of tiny glass seed beads in shades of amber, topaz, and golden yellow are meticulously embroidered in swirling vines and paisley motifs across the silk. The beadwork catches the light with every movement, making the shoes sparkle radiantly.

The interior is lined with soft leather to cushion the feet in sumptuous comfort. The flat soles are made of supple tan leather, enabling the khussa to bend and flex with the natural motion of walking.

Symbolic of Asian royal heritage and artistry, this golden beaded khussa is a treasured heirloom piece. From the luxurious materials to the painstaking handiwork, it is a stunning example of traditional Indo-Persian footwear crafted to the highest standards. A true objet d'art to adorn the feet.

Golden Khussa With Beads

SKU: WSMFW10032024001
£20.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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