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The GULIKA POLKI CHOKER SET is a stunning and elegant piece of jewellery that boasts traditional Indian design and craftsmanship. The set comprises a choker necklace, earrings and a maatha patti. Each piece of the set is adorned with intricate and delicate Polki work that is further embellished with shimmering stones, creating a mesmerizing effect.

The centrepiece of the set, the choker necklace, sits close to the neck and creates an alluring and regal look. The golden-coloured metal base of the choker is studded with blue and pink stones, while the Polki work adds a traditional twist to the overall design. The earrings feature a matching design to the choker, with dangling chain detailing and a pear-shaped stone at the bottom. The maatha patti, or headpiece, completes the set and adds a royal aura to the wearer's appearance.

The set is made with high-quality metals that are both sturdy and long-lasting, ensuring that the jewellery can be enjoyed for years to come. The choker features a secure clasp fastening that keeps it in place, while the earrings are lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to wear. The maatha patti is held in place with the help of pins, ensuring that it stays securely on top of the hair.

Suitable for grand occasions such as weddings, parties, and other special events, the GULIKA POLKI CHOKER SET is sure to make a bold fashion statement and add a touch of glamour to any outfit. The intricate design and detailed craftsmanship of the set make it a prized possession that is sure to be admired by all fashion enthusiasts. Whether you're a bride-to-be or simply love to dress up and make a statement, this set is the perfect choice to complete your look and enhance your overall style.


SKU: WSMJ04122023034
£45.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
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