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Make a colorful statement with this gorgeous peacock-inspired necklace and earring set. The elaborate necklace features a long kemp stone chain accentuated by vivid enamel and Czech crystal stones in a dazzling peacock feather design. Brilliant hues of blue, green, orange and purple refract light to mimic the iridescent feathers of a peacock. The matching dangle earrings showcase the same artful arrangement of enamel and Czech stones in a delicate interpretation of the necklace's motif. Whether dressed up or down, this set is sure to turn heads and inspire compliments. The combination of artisanal kemp stones, enamel work, and Czech crystal make this a unique, handcrafted addition to your jewelry collection. Slip it on to infuse your look with the majestic plumage display of the peacock.

Long Kemp Stone Peacock Flower Cz Stone Temple Jewellery Necklace Set

SKU: WSMJ04122023001
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