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Luxury Jewellery Set Exaggerated Paved Shining Rhinestone

Rows of collet-set round-cut rhinestones pave the broad collar choker necklace in meticulously set formations. The flexible collar contours to the neck comfortably while refracting light brilliance from every paved nook. Sections of smooth black leather-like fabric provide contrast against the shimmering stones. At the centre, squares of leather meet in a crosshatch design revealing a large glittering oval-cut pave rhinestone.

In perfect coordination are ring-shaped drop earrings also paved edge to edge in collet-set rhinestones. From these dangling earrings, sections of black fabric suspend to tickle just below the chin. The rhinestones catch and reflect light dramatically from all angles for maximum sparkle factor.

With its abstract patterns and liberal use of brilliant pave rhinestones, this necklace and earring set makes a contemporary glamour statement. The exaggerated in-your-face design offers showgirl levels of shine sure to get you noticed at any event.

Luxury Jewellery Set Exaggerated Paved Shining Rhinestone

SKU: WSMJ04122023075
£45.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
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