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Maharashtrian Traditional Indian Wedding Jewellery

Adorn yourself with the spectacular elegance of Maharashtrian bridal finery with this traditional Indian wedding jewellery set. The exquisite set is handcrafted from gold-toned silver and features the iconic pieces associated with Maharashtrian culture. The necklace is an ornate collar-style design with intricate filigree patterns, beads, and pearl accents. From it hang three lavish strands bedecked with pearls, emeralds, and vibrant red and green stones. Dotted with pearls and stones, it epitomizes bridal splendour. The set comes complete with stunning earrings and bangles to match. This Maharashtrian wedding adornment ensemble is rich in regal colours and decorative motifs symbolic in the Maratha tradition. Feel like true Maharashtrian royalty by donning this set on your big day or for celebrating traditional Indian weddings and festivities. Radiate sophistication and honour timeless customs with this elegant display of matrimonial radiance.

Maharashtrian Traditional Indian Wedding Jewellery

SKU: WSMJ04122023079
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