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Multi Colours Khussa

This vibrant khussa is a true celebration of color and craftsmanship. The uppers are fashioned from fabric in a dazzling array of hues - emerald green, fuchsia pink, sunny yellow, brilliant orange, and regal purple. The colors are arranged in horizontal stripes across the toe box and side panels.

What makes this pair truly eye-catching is the intricate embroidery covering every inch of the silk. Using kaleidoscopic threads of metallic gold, silver, copper, and multi-colored silks, master artisans have painstakingly embroidered traditional motifs onto each stripe.

Paisley patterns, floral vines, and geometric shapes create a rich tapestry effect. The embroidery is raised and textured, almost sculptural in its detail and dimensionality. Hundreds of tiny mica sequins and glass beads are sewn in thoughtfully to accentuate the designs with sparkle and shine.

Multi Colours Khussa

SKU: WSMFW10032024003
£20.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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