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Pink and White Stone Studded Necklace Set

An exquisite union of femininity and elegance, this pink and white stone studded necklace set is a sight to behold. Delicate gold colour chains cascade down the neck, with dainty clusters of shimmering stones ornamenting the length of the necklace.

The bright fuchsia pink stones dazzle in brilliant rose cuts, surrounded by tiny chips of sparkling white stones that resemble twinkling stars. The contrast between the blush pink crystals and icy white stones is eye-catching and pretty.

From afar, the necklace gives the illusion of rose gold colour accessories with the pink stones mingling seamlessly with the gold colour. Up close, the meticulous stone setting and beadwork is evident in the fine craftsmanship.

The focal point of this set lies in the pendant – a hexagonal centrepiece showcases alternating pink and white stones framed in gold tone. From the elegant chains to the breath-taking pendant, this necklace set with its charming mix of girly pinks and angelic whites makes a graceful addition to any jewelry collection.

Worn on its own or paired with the matching stud earrings, this pink and white stone necklace set channels timeless glamour and sophistication for the modern woman.


Pink and White Stone Studded Necklace Set

SKU: WSMJ04122023039
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