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The lavish collar-style choker commands attention with its regal design in luminous 22k yellow gold and handcrafted heritage polish. At the center sit three gorgeously cut Polki diamonds, the prized unleveled natural diamonds treasured in Indian jewelry. These untreated diamonds dazzle brightly, flanked by intricate meena enamel work lending a pop of color. Brilliant cut diamonds line the edges of the choker, adding extra sparkle to this jeweled masterpiece. The accompanying drop earrings mirror the design beautifully with emerald meena work surrounding a single natural Polki diamond. Indian jewelry at its finest, this Polki set brings together rare stones, intricate enameling, and generations of peerless goldsmithing. Make any occasion resplendent by adorning yourself in this heirloom choker and earring set. It's made to glorify your neckline with true Indian royalty.

Polki Collar Choker Set

SKU: WSMJ04122023009
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