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Ravi kundan necklace in purple / egg plant

Exquisitely crafted, this ravishing Ravi Kundan necklace epitomizes royalty and elegance. The necklace features an intricate floral design with delicate purple and golden beads that resemble the regal eggplant hue.

The handcrafted beads and chains intertwine in a harmonious cadence around the neck, with a sublime mix of gold colour and purple tones that is soothing to the eyes. Graceful leaf-shaped motifs in polished gold colour provide the perfect frames for the smaller eggplant-colored beads to nestle within.

As the light bounces off the glossy surfaces, different facets sparkle, making the necklace come alive. The focal point lies in the middle where a hexagonal amethyst surrounded by a golden kundan setting steals the show. The rich purple gemstone glints brightly, contrasting spectacularly against the shiny gold tone.

From the delicate chains to the intricate beadwork patterns, this Ravi Kundan necklace in royal eggplant purple reflects amazing Indian craftsmanship. Ideal for both festivities and daily wear, it is sure to garner many compliments for its regal charm and sophistication.


Ravi kundan necklace in purple / egg plant

SKU: WSMJ04122023038
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